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Residential Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

We specialize in the design, installation, service and repair of residential irrigation systems. Automatic sprinkler systems save you time, money and protect your investment. Radel Irrigation is the #1 choice for professional sprinkler system installation in the Sauk-Prairie and Spring Green area. Trusted for over 30 years, Radel Irrigation looks to continue providing quality products and service for years to come.

Commercial Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

We also provide installation and maintenance of commercial irrigation systems. From businesses to property managers needing someone to maintain their properties, we provide quality work and customer service throughout Sauk City.

Sports Field Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

We also provide installation and maintenance of sports field irrigation and sprinkler systems. We install sprinkler systems for local towns and cities throughout Sauk County. So if you’re looking for Football Field Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems, Baseball Field Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems, Soccer Field Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems, you have come to the right place.

Irrigation Sprinkler System Repair and Service

We specialize in automatic in-ground sprinkler systems. We have been trusted by Sauk County residents and businesses for over 30 years. With that said, we don’t do landscaping so our sole focus is being good at sprinkler systems and that we are. We provide professional, timely sprinkler system repair and service from leaky or broken heads and valves to cracked pipes. Rest assured, Radel Irrigation and The Sprinkler Guy will have you back up and running in no time with half the cost of what your Madison Irrigation companies will charge. We are closer so we don’t have to charge as much to make up for travel related expenses.

Contact us today if you need to schedule maintenance or service.

Irrigation Sprinkler System Spring Activation

When spring arrives and we are all itching to get outside and start working on our lawn, it is important that you properly turn your irrigation system back on. While you may do this yourself, we recommend using a professional service to be sure you don’t damage your pipes or irrigation components. With Radel Irrigation, we don’t just turn your system back on, we make sure everything is running properly to ensure there are no leaks and it is running at optimal efficiency. Below is a checklist of some of things we provide and inspect with your spring activation.


  1. Recharge pipe system slowly to avoid pipe damage from water surge
  2. Inspect and clean backflow to eliminate leaks
  3. Pressure test mainline pipe to detect leaks
  4. Inspect each zone to ensure each is operating correctly
  5. Straighten and raise up to five crooked sprinklers (additional sprinklers may incur added fees)
  6. Test and record ohms for each zone to detect potential system electrical problems
  7. Do a visual pressure test of each zone and note any pressure issues with recommendations for repairs or adjustments
  8. Clean sprinkler spray nozzles to ensure proper sprinkler coverage
  9. Inspect rain sensor for proper function
  10. Replace batteries in wireless rain sensors
  11. Set a basic schedule for proper watering and to minimize excessive watering or run off
  12. Check and adjust sprinkler coverage to insure water is not being wasted

Irrigation Sprinkler System “Blow Out” / Winterization

Every year, before the first freeze, irrigation “blow out” or “winterization” becomes top priority for all irrigation systems located in regions where frost occurs below the depth of your irrigation water lines. Unfortunately, we all know Wisconsin falls into this region.

In order to minimize the risk of freeze damage to your new sprinkler system, we recommend having a professional winterize your system or by following proper instructions. If your system is not properly winterized, you are taking the chance of broken sprinkler heads, cracked pipes, etc. Replacing / repairing your system will end up costing hundreds of dollars so please make sure you do it right or call The Sprinkler Guy at Radel Irrigation and we will give you the peace of mind that it is done right.

Radel Irrigation / The Sprinkler Guy will winterize your new sprinkler system the first season at no cost to you if your bill is paid at time of completion. Winter tends to sneak up on us so don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure to contact us and schedule your winterization appointment before it freezes.

The Sprinkler Guy